Remy Wines – Three Wives – 2013 Giulio Pinot Noir

Remy’s latest Pinot Noir offering.  Her previous vintage sold out very, very quickly . . .  so when I heard that her 2013 vintage was available, we grabbed up a half case.  Unfortunately, when we acquired them, they had just been bottled and needed time to settle down from bottle shock.  So my patience had to be tested for about 6 weeks.  I labeled the box “open in late April”.  So yesterday being the 26th, I decided that this was “late April” enough.

I cracked open the screw top and began the adventure.  I was quite enamored with her 2012 vintage of Jules and was really looking forward to this one. . .hopeful that it would be just as good.  I was NOT disappointed.  This Pinot has a subtle yet luscious nose.  Plenty of ripe red fruit, plummy, and slightly floral.  The structure is very pleasing and forthright without being tight or overly cloying.  This is particularly surprising for a young wine.  I really thought I’d need to decant the first bottle, but I was delighted to be wrong.  We enjoyed this lovely bottle on the patio while admiring our days work in the garden and the setting sun.  Hopefully I can acquire more on my next visit to add to the other 5 survivors.  This is a wine I will be glad to share with friends and to enjoy with my lovely wife on evenings at home.  This is a Pinot not to be missed.


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