Remy Wines – 2013 Sangiovese – Kiona Vineyard

Let me state right from the start, I LOVE Italian varietals.  Especially Sangiovese, which you will normally find in the store under the name Chianti or Chianti Reserva.  It is made with the glorious Sangiovese grape.

Remy Wines, a small boutique winery in McMinnville (which I am a club member thereof) specializes in Italian varietals.  It’s like a marriage made in a glass.  Remy has a real knack for tackling these tough heavily tannin grapes and she does some kind of magic with them.  I’ve sampled many different producers wares and without exception, Remy’s wines are always better structured and more luxurious on the palate.  Her wines have acidity, tannins, and fruitiness, just like everyone else.  But she has found a way to smooth out those potential rough spots.

The bottle I opened for this review is her 2013 Sangiovese from the Kiona Vineyard in the Red Mountain district of SE Washington state.  This area is widely revered as THE place to get great big red wines like Cab Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Zin.  So it’s no surprise that she has chosen to source her Sangiovese grapes from Red Mountain.  On first taste, I get an explosion of red and black fruit flavors, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, as well as plum.  The structure and complexity of this wine is awesome.  It’s acidic enough to cut through any fatty food flavors and maintain it’s full profile and the tannins are just robust enough to give a smooth, slightly dry finish.  I suspect that if I were to lay a bottle of this Sangio down for a few years, it would mellow and smooth out as the tannin structures became more combined.  Alternately I could probably decant this bad boy for a couple hours and get close to that effect.  As this is a fairly new vintage (2013) it could stand up to the rigors of decanting and come through with pizazz.

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Remy Wines, and Remy herself.  If you are a fan of big red Italian wines, you own it to yourself to venture to the little burg of McMinnville and seek out her small out-of-the-way winery and tasting room.  I believe you will become a fan too.


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