2013 Troon Vineyards Zinfandel

I have seemed to skip right over one of our club wineries so I thought it  might be good to review something from Troon.  We LOVE their Druids Fluid, but I reviewed that when we went to the SIP in McMinnville.

I opened this bottle yesterday and poured a small sample, swirled the glass and smelled the nose.  I got great aromas of dark fruit like plums, blackberries, and  a masculine scent that’s hard for me to distinguish.  Sort of a smoky, leather smell.  But then I took a sip. Unfortunately, the flavor did not reward me based on the aromas that it had given me just prior. The flavor was unremarkable, lacking structure and complexity.  It was just hot – high alcohol, high acids, and tannins that were tight and not really present in the flavor.  Needless to say I was disappointed.

I don’t normally like to review wines that I don’t enjoy,  but in some sense I felt obligated because Troon Vineyards is one of our club wineries.  And I wanted to present them in the best possible light.  Unfortunately this particular offering wasn’t it for today.  I tried decanting it last evening before extensive sampling.  I even left it in the decanter for 8 hours, then put it back in the bottle when we arrived home from our movie adventure. I sampled it this afternoon once again and it still has little to no structure . . . just alcohol.  Disappointing.  I know that older vintages I have tasted have been much more approachable.

Hopefully my next attempt, with a different wine and vintage, will yield far more enjoyable results.


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