Visiting Troon Vineyards Carlton tasting room . . .

I recently reviewed the 2013 Troon Zinfandel. . and it didn’t get high marks . . .so I thought it might be good to further review some of their other wines based on a recent visit to their tasting room in Carlton.  A couple of the ladies from the Applegate “Mothership” were there to visit and serve us their wines.  It was good to see Charlsie and Missy working side-by-side with our friends Meg and Daisy.

We started with their 2013 Chardonnay.  Typically Chards are not my favorites . . . this one was OK, not spectacular, but solid.  It did seem to be a bit “oaky”, rather than crisp, but that is completely a process thing.

The next offering was their new Vermentino / Sauvignon Blanc blend.  I especially like their Vermentino.  It has a crisp, citrus profile along with the moderate acidity that does create that salivation factor.  The Sauv Blanc adds structure to an already good offering.

I next had their Dry Rose, which is produced from 100% Syrah.  It was really flavorful and tart.  It too has that saliva-inducing element that just brings you back for more.

Our next sample is our favorite wine of everything we’ve ever drunk, Druids Fluid Red.  This blend is THE biggest seller for Troon Vineyards (in excess of 50% of their revenue come from this beauty).  It is a glorious blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon . . .  all sourced from their Grants Pass area vineyards.  The bouquet hits you full on with dark fruit and woody leather aroma. . . and delivers sumptuous fruit on the palate as well.

Next was the 2013 Estate Zinfandel.  I was ready to compare this with my previous non-love review.  But the comparison stopped with the varietal.  This Zin was wonderful on the nose and equally as wonderful on the tongue.  That high alcohol I was expecting was not the flavor I got.  I got what I had hoped for . . . silky dark fruit and hits of vanilla.  Nearly perfect.

I next got the opportunity to taste their version of what has historically been my favorite blend, GSM.  This acronym stand for Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre.  This blend is indicative of the Southern Rhone region of France.  I had actually asked Meg several months earlier if they had ever considered making a Rhone blend. . . and she beamed and told me it was already in barrel.  So this was to be a treat.  Their 2013 GSM did not disappoint.  The fruit and aromas are truly excellent.  The tannins on this beauty are still a bit tight, therefore it is a bit astringent (drying out the mouth) and will be much better in a few years.  After it has a chance to age a bit, those tannins will mellow and develop into a really wonderful wine.  Highly recommended

Last, but not least, was my chance to once again sample their 2013 M&T blend . . . .Malbec & Tannat.  My original first thought when they announced this blend was “This is gonna be a THICK HEAVY offering that will need YEARS of time in bottle before it will be ready.  Well, I’m really happy to be mostly wrong.  It is heavy, similar to a fine Port-style wine.  The deep dark red fruit blends really well together to provide a complex flavor profile that will be wonderful with BBQ ribs or a great steak.  Highly recommended.

I am really happy that we are club members of such a fine organization that produces such diverse, flavorful wines.  Cheers.


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