2012 Noble Vines 1 – Red Blend

I’ve been a fan of Noble Vines for some time.  I’ve sampled their 337 Cab Sauv and 181 Merlot before on different occasions and have enjoyed their simple yet supple flavors.  So with that in mind and the various reviews I’ve been reading lately regarding “cheap” red wines . . I figured I’d give this guy a try.

I typically like my reds with a slight chill on them . lt does help many with initially strong tannins.  But with this wine, that was a mistake.  When I tried it yesterday, after having it in my wine cellar at 58 degrees, it seemed flat and with little to no character.  The bouquet was super subdued and I thought I had goofed on this choice.  So I corked it and left it on the counter.  Today I tried it again and I was surprised and pleased.  With this wine at room temperature the aromas of the nose are much more pronounced, blackberry, strawberry and a slight scent of wood.  The flavor profile is much more pronounced.  I think the Merlot blends really nicely with the more prominent tannins of the Cab.  I think this would make a really nice “house” wine, a daily drinker.

The Delicato Family Vineyards, owners of Noble Vines as well as BotaBox, Gnarly Head, La Merika, and several others is a Mega producer from Manteca, CA.  I remain a big fan of their work.


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