TRW -2011 Malbec-Merlot

A few months ago we ventured up to the Walla Walla valley to sample some more of the regions great wines and were introduced to Three Rivers Winery.  I had seen their Red Blend in the stores recently, but virtually none of their other offerings.

I recently opened a bottle of 2011 Malbec-Merlot . . . a robust blend to be sure.  In sampling this wine at room temperature I get a great heady aroma of dark, dark fruit (blackberry and cherry) as well as a bit of the brambly vine aroma.  I also get a fairly strong aroma of dark chocolate and a woodsy smell, reminiscent of cedar.

The flavor profile is heavy and robust.  The tannins are quite prominent, but not so much as to be off-putting.  The acidity is very nicely balanced along the velvety palate coating robustness.  If you are one who enjoys a really rich, hearty and steak-ready wine, you will want to give this blend a really long look.  I really want a Prime Rib right now . . . . .

2012 Three Rivers Malbec-Merlot, Columbia Valley


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