Horse Heaven Hills Red Blend -2012

You know how it is when you wander the wine aisles at Costco . . . So many great options.  And many are very affordable.  I love to try things that I see in numerous  locations to see what the allure is about them.  Such is the case with this H3 Red Blend.

There are so many great Vineyards in SE Washington and they NEED to be sample and regaled about by wine lovers.  We can’t let California be the only place to get great Cab Sauv or Zin.  Hence, we sample. 

On the nose, this wine is jammy and full of blackberry and spice notes.  Upon tasting, I note that it is a bit tilted toward acidity, sort of like a great Sauv Blanc.  The tannins are soft and allow the tangy acid to linger for a long finish.  This would awesome with something savory or spicy  like a pepper steak or even fajitas.  And for $8.99, get a couple bottles.





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