2012 Remy Wines Barbera

Remy Drabkin has a knack for taming those “rowdy” Italian varietals and encouraging them to give up the very best parts of themselves.  This 2012 Barbera has been languishing in my cellar for about a year . . .and since I had 2 bottles, and since I LOVE what she does . . . I decided to pop one open and see just what was going on inside.

Everything about this wine is complex and nuanced.  The aroma is loaded with deep dark fruit smells, as well as spice, like cinnamon and sage.  Upon tasting, I discover that there are flavors on my palate I just cannot describe.  The acidity is blended with spicy notes that tickle the tongue.  The tannins are quite tame, as it relates to astringency, but the robustness of the fruit and the structure of the tannins together  product a full, round flavor that is  . . .well, quite honestly, baffling.  Can I just say, I find it DELICIOUS!  The sheer complexity of this flavor bomb is just too much.  I NEED some Lasagna . . . STAT!!20160325_131228[1]


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