2013 Kirkland Sonoma County Old Vine Zinfandel

I read about this wine a few months back on the Costco Wine blog and decided then that I had to try it and review it, as best I could.

Right off, the aroma of dark ripe berries hits your nose, along with a spicy note I can’t quite place.  It carries with it a sense of warmth and comfort . . .reminds me of good port.

The tannins are very supple and smooth, there is a hint of vanilla, but the acid coupled with that spice dances across my tongue.  It’s really quite invigorating, without being too much.

According to the back label, the fruit for this wine comes from vines that average 45 years old . . .tenured and low-yielding plants.  Greatness can come from such things.  And for only $9.99 .  .this is a steal for those of you who enjoy a really nice Old Vine Zin.



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