2012 Quady North – Bomba

Most of the write-ups I’ve read on this wine call it a “fruit bomb”.  They ain’t lyin’.  There is so much dark glorious fruit on the nose it is mesmerizing.  Dark cherries, currants, plums and raspberries waft up into my senses like a blanket, filling my nose with warmth.

The first sip is tantalizing and warm, and a bit astringent with firm yet supple tannins creating a backbone.  From that first taste on, it is simply a heavenly journey.  It has a lush and smooth flavor that wraps around your tongue like a mink coat.  From the back label – “This wine is a ticking time bomb of absolute deliciousness.  Bright, soft, lush but capable of delivering a punch.”  I agree 100%.

Thanks Herb!  Another one out of the park!


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