2013 Troon Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

Surprised is the first word that comes to mind.  Based on previous reviews of other Troon wines from recent years . . . this one surprised me.

Up until about 6 months ago, my wife and I were club members and avid fans of Troon.  But many of their recent wines began to make a turn toward high acidity and strong alcohol . . . and that’s just not my thing.  So, consequently we decided to move on to other adventures.

On our last visit, I tasted this Cab and found it to be enjoyable, but anticipated a much longer rack time.  Upon rediscovering it in my cellar I decided to give it a look and see.  Very pleasantly surprised.

The aroma is not heavy fruit, as some Cabs can be, but is quite smoky.  Upon first taste I noted that it is quite smooth, though typically astringent . . . but not overly so.  The fruit is subtle yet does make its presence known.  It is nicely balanced and would be excellent with a meaty entrée.  I would recommend this supple Cab . . . try it the next time you find yourself in Carlton, Oregon or on the Applegate trail outside of Medford.


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