A fine vacation . . .part 2 of 3

October 2016

We continued our southern Oregon vacation by visiting Abacela Winerywhich is just outside of Roseburg.  abacela_leaves









It was truly amazing. . the leaves were turning yellow, orange and a vibrant shade of red.  It was stunning.









I wish I had enjoyed their wines as much as the view . . .

2015 Albarino – Nice fruity floral nose, flavor was there and gone pretty quickly, as well as it going desert dry quickly too.  Not enough length for me.

2013 Malbec – Good nose, Fruit again hits really quick then gone totally to high acid.  Smooth body, but quite astringent.

2014 Fiesta Tempranillo – Again, good fruit on the nose and good fruit on first sip . . but then whoosh, flavor gone . . Desert remains.

Vintner’s Blend 16 – This one you can find in stores, so I was especially curious.  They have used 11 grape varieties in this blend . . .Spicy, full-bodied flavor, quite dry at the finish.  Par for the course.

2013 Barrel Select Tempranillo – Nice nose, well-balanced body and texture, spicy in the mid palate . . .this one finishes really well. . .long and flavorful.

2013 Estate Port – Traditional grape varietals in this port-style wine.  I typically LOVE port . . .this was is very HOT . . high alcohol (20.1%) . . not much else, unfortunately.

All in all pretty disappointing visit.


We then continued south toward White City and our next stop.  Kriselle Cellars is housed in a beautiful facility on 25 planted acres  of 7 different grape varietals.  We visited Kriselle Cellars during Roam the Rogue in June 2015.  i was taken with the beauty of the location and the building.  Oh yeah, the wines were good too.  So i had to come back and see if they are still as good as I remembered. I decided on the All Red flight . . .

2013 Cabernet Franc – Nice dark cherries on the nose, slightly hot on initial taste, also slight acidity in the mid palate and a quick finish.  hmmm  .not what I was hoping for or expecting.

2013 Malbec –  Great fruit on the nose, silky tannins. . very good balance and a good long finish.

2013 Di Tani –Cab Franc blend . . .Excellent nose, Smooth and silky mouth-feel with great texture.  Excellent dark fruit, very bright and fresh.  One of my faves.  I could drink the whole bottle.

2013 S / CS – A super Tuscan blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The nose wa a bit pungent and earthy.  Fruit falls flat in the mid. . . no length.Acidity much higher than I am used to. . in one of my favorite blends.  disappointing.

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon – Great nose and a silky smooth front end.  a bit of acid in the mid then finishes dry . . but not astringent.  All in all, as expected for a good Cab.

2013 Estate Tempranillo – This guy spent 30 months in barrel.  Bright nose with a strong hint of dried fruit.  It leans acidic and then the fruit disappears. . no length.

After reviewing all these wines, I began to think about the differences that vintages play in great wine, and how most artisanal wine makers strive to allow their land and the weather to dictate the flavors and nuances of their wines.  I’m not certain because my notes don’t include the vintages from last year, but I have to assume that those wines were 2012.  That was a superior year throughout Oregon and those wines rank amongst the best anywhere.  Last year I loved the majority of these wines . . . this year they, and I, are different.


Just a short distance from Kriselle Cellars is our next stop Agate Ridge Vineyard.  We had visited this boutique winery previously during Roam the Rogue as well.  At that time they served an excellent white blend that I didn’t buy and kicked myself after.  We were quite lucky that their close time was later than most tasting rooms around, so we slid in and got the lovely attendant’s full attention.

2012 Sauvignon Blanc – Awesome . .grapefruit and banana on the nose.  Tart and sweet simultaneously.  A great summer refresher

2013 Semillon / Sauvignon Blanc – A 60/40 blend.  Very light and bright, really nice fruit in the mid and tart acid.  Very nice.

2012 Viognier – This one has a fresh light aroma with a smooth mid palate, ending tart yet fruity.

2012 Aleash – An RMV blend (Rousanne, Marsanne, and Viognier).  Quite smooth, clean and creamy flavors.

2013 Pinot Noir – 100% Pommard clone.  Great nose that expresses the fruit very nicely.  It is medium bodied and the fruit flavor pays off what the nose set up.  Really nice.  Took one home

2012 Grenache – Good fruit on the nose, medium bodied, leans acid but the texture and solid structure bring it back in balance.

2013 Primitivo – Wow . . Excellent nose, the fruit just burst to make its presence known.  Full bodied and balanced really well.  Superb drinker.  Had to take this one home.

2010 Black Sticky – A Syrah Dessert wine aka port-style.  Delicious. .  . the fruit just jumps out and the flavors last ages.  It’s what I think of in a port-style wine.  Taking 2 home.

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