2014 Petite Petit

I was intrigued to try this blend by an article in Wine Enthusiast.  The author described it this way:

The blend of sweet-seeming oak and bold, ripe fruit flavors is irresistible in this big and satisfying wine. The aromas are like vanilla, chocolate and black pepper, while flavors bring on blackberry jam, espresso and dark chocolate for volume and complexity on the palate.

I have discovered that I am a big fan of the Petit(e) twins . . .Petite Sirah, otherwise known as Durif, and Petit Verdot.  This wine is created by Michael David Winery in the Lodi region of Central California.

My first aromas surprised me.  I noticed big, vibrant dark fruit like plums, blackberries and cherries creating an almost ethereal blanket of comfort.  But I was really surprised by what my brain told me was in there.  I smelled, just for a moment, S’mores.  That graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate aroma was a strange one to discover in a wine glass.  I kinda thought I was dreaming it.  But upon reviewing the bottle notes (above) I see vanilla, chocolate . . .espresso and dark chocolate. I guess I wasn’t dreaming.

The color is this inky dark purple-red-garnet.  The flavors do not disappoint.  It has a palate filling mouth-feel and a smooth , lovely peppery finish.  If this is in your wheelhouse, I would encourage you to try it.  I got this one at Costco for $14.79 and have seen it at a couple of grocery stores in my area. And the label is cool. . . elephants are cool.


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