2012 Mad Violets Riesling

This is one of those “mystery” bottles.  Neither my wife nor I remember buying it, yet there it sits in my wine cooler.  I was cooking some pork loins in my Traeger and needed some moisture for the final drive to Nirvana.  I typically use either Apple juice or beer.  But I had no apple juice and I wasn’t about to sacrifice a Believer . . . so then it came down to the white wine cooler.  Who would be “sacrificed” for dinner . . .

What a pleasant surprise.  I am not typically a Riesling fan, though on a hot summer day, I do opt for something light and fruity.  This little thing does not disappoint.

The aroma is one of ripe peaches, a bit of citrus, perhaps grapefruit or lemon zest, but with a definitive sweet nature.  It is sweet and tart on the palate, mouth-watering.  The stone fruit carries over to the flavor as well as the lemon zest/ grapefruit.  A really nice surprise.  My pork is getting a very nice blanket of goodness for its finish.

Mad Violets
2012 Mad Violets Riesling


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