2014 Pedroncelli Sonoma County Friends. Red

I may have found my new GO-TO red blend.  From Sonoma County, Pedroncelli Winery is one that is new to me, but has been in Sonoma County since 1927.  I discovered this red blend at my local WinCo.  My wife and I are planning a trip this summer to Sonoma, so thought this was a great early segue into what me might be sampling.  And if this wine is any indication, it is going to be VERY good.

Pedroncelli_friends.redIt is a blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Sangiovese . . .expertly well blended I must say.  The nose is loaded with dark fruit as the Merlot and Zin jump out of the glass.  A slight whiff of baking spice also greets.  The initial taste is warm and slightly spicy, but silky smooth throughout.  The long finish lingers like a good friend.  This wine is superbly balanced and inviting.  I must go back for more.  It would really stand out with some BBQ ribs or steak . . . glorious!!  And all this for a nominal fee of $9.  I will be stocking up

Fact Sheet : PRT_SR0152_PRTLONGTXT_20170328_075415.



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