2017 Urban Wine Experience

This is another one of those events that I’ve wanted to attend for some time, but there seemed to always be a time conflict.  This year it was on May 7th and hosted at Seven Bridges Winery in N Portland.  A total of 16 wineries were represented and each proffered 3 of their wines for consideration.  So many wines to taste, I had to be strategic.

Willful Wines

2014 Walla Walla Blend

  • Cab Franc and Merlot –
  • Huge aroma of blackberries.
  • The mid palate was heavy and quite tannic with a  dry, quick finish.

2014 Cuvee Pinot Noir

  • Mild nose, slight amount of  fruit on mid, good finish.

Division wines

2016 Gamay Rose’

  • Brambley nose, slightly vegetal aroma but also pronounced fruit
  • Crisp and fresh throughout

2016 Village

  • Robust nose with lots of dark fruit
  • Mid palate is solid but finishes too quickly.  Needed more length.

2016 Pinot Noir

  • Pretty good fruit on the nose
  • Mid is kind of lacking.  No follow thru

Jan Marc Wine Cellars

2013 Chardonnay

  • Nice nose
  • No fruit mid

2013 Cab Sauvignon

  • Decent overall

2013 Zinfandel

  • Odd aroma, but generally OK
  • Warm, suspect high alcohol

Viola Wine Cellars

2016 Sangiovese Rosato

  • Very nice, light fruit aroma
  • Crisp, bright mid and a tart finish.

2016 Dolcetto

  • Dark cherries and plums on nose
  • Solid mis palate, finishes dry

Jasper Sisco Wines

2016 Gratus Bynum – White blend

  • Riesling, Pinot Gris, Muscat
  • Sweet fruit and floral nose
  • Just enough acid to not be syrupy, but this is a sweet wine

2016 Clara Estelle Riesling

  • Very nice fruit aromas
  • Similar in texture to his white blend.
  • Equally as nice.

Seven Bridges Winery

2013 Prima Nata

  • Bordeaux blend – 60% Cabernet, 19% Merlot, 11% Malbec, 8% Cab Franc, 2% Petit Verdot
  • Loads of dark ripe plums on the nose
  • Deep structure, loaded with fruit and very balanced
  • Medium dry finish

2013 Cab Sauvignon, Echo West Vineyard

  • Very traditional Cab Sauv nose, tons of rich deep dark fruit
  • A nice mid palate but tall that fruit went away.  Didn’t carry over into the structure.

Ram Cellars

2016 Gruner Veltliner

  • Wonderfully bright nose, citrus fruits abound
  • Nicely tart to peppery finish

2014 Malbec

  • Great dark fruit on the nose
  • Bold but supple mid palate, smooth finish

ENSO Winery

2013 Mourvedre

  • Medium fruit aromas
  • Smooth and silky mid

2016 Rose of Mourvedre

  • God fruit on the nose
  • Very berry-like
  • A tart mid to finish

Clay Pigeon Winery

2015 Cabernet Franc

  • Blueberry and plums with dark cherry nose
  • Silky Mid to a Well balanced finish

2013 Syrah

  • Dark and brooding
  • Solid mid with a dry finish

Fausse Piste Winery

2012 Les Garcons Grenache

  • Nose is very typical grenache, loads of dark fruit
  • My initial taste was WOW . . abounding with deep dark fruit
  • Very deep and brooding.

2010 Ce Lieu Apres Syrah

  • Good nose, and a much better mid palate
  • Silky, smoky and smooth all the way through
  • A triumph!!

Teutonic Wine Company

2016 Sprockets – White blend

  • A field blend wine of two grapes I’ve never heard of and one I have . . .
  • 50% Scheurebe, 25% Huxelrebe and 25% Pinot Noir.
  • A light nose but a great solid mid.  Terrific patio wine
  • An Alsatian style blend.

2014 Red Blend “Boyar Wedding Feast”

  • This wine is a blend of 50% Tannat, 30% Cab Franc and 20% Malbec
  • Jammy nose . . Very dark and luscious
  • A bit acidic on the finish. . kind of like a port-style wine.

Welsh Family Wines

Saignee Pinot Noir Rose

  • A light nose but quite a bit more structure than a traditional PN rose
  • Another great patio rose


  • Funky nose, just a bit off
  • Good mid but unremarkable

Boedecker Cellars

2015 GiGi – Gewurztraminer – Pinot Gris

  • A blend of 32% Gewürztraminer and 68% Pinot Gris
  • A sweet fragrant nose
  • A tight and tart mid palate

2016 Reflection Pinot Noir Rose

  • Floral fruity nose
  • Light and crisp mid
  • but lacks fruit in the finish

Angel Vine Winery

2012 The Hellion – Columbia Valley Blend

  • Primitivo (42%), Petite Sirah (33%), and Zinfandel (25%)
  • Admittedly, one of my personal favorites
  • Great aromas of deep dark fruit
  • Smooth tannins mid palate
  • A slightly warm, spicy finish.

2015 Cluster Fus

  • This wine is 80% Mourvèdre, 11% Zinfandel and 9% Primitivo
  • Aromas are bright and fresh, with hints of raspberry and plum
  • Well balanced with a smooth texture into a dry finish

Gersing Cellars

2015 Stolen Barrel – Cab Sauv / Merlot blend

  • Deep dark fruit on both the nose and the mid palate
  • Very solid structure and a superb finish
  • This one has a remarkable story to it . . .


This was a great event that I will be anxious to repeat again next year.  Cheers.


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