Owen Roe Sharecropper wines

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These are a couple of the wines I recently purchased from Owen Roe Winery.

During December, the folks at Owen Roe Winery discount one wine each day of the month and if you are watching their web page or Facebook you found out which wine was being offered at a screaming deal.  I encourage you to check them out and see which of your favorites they discount in December 2018.

I am looking at the two entry level wines I purchased from their Sharecropper series.  These wines normally retail for around $16 and I received them each for $10.

2015 Merlot – Yakima Valley – Some nice warm dark fruit on the nose, a bit on the subtle side.  I also sense a hint of bramble as well. . that blackberry vine sort of aroma.  The initial taste is soft and supple, tannins seem to be well integrated and then BAM that acid and young tannin edge grips my palate.  Granted, this is a very young wine, and not so coincidentally most wines from this region tend toward grippy tannins and higher acid.  It wouldn’t hurt this guy to just chill for a while.

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon – Columbia Valley – This time I got a nice jammy nose, almost like candy.  Aromas of plums, cherry and blackberry, but also more subtle.  The structure is really nice with a smooth mid palate.  Then those same grippy tannins hit.  That immediate astringency that removes all the moisture from your mouth.  This one is really asking for oneof two things.  Either a long nap next to its brother. . .or a nice juicy steak to offset those tannins.  Either way would be good.

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