Bryn Mawr Vineyards

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Bryn Mawr Vineyards

On 9/15/2018 I also visited two wineries, Bryn Mawr Vineyards and Cubanisimo Vineyards.  Both were recommended by my server at Redhawk.  Not totally sure what to expect, though it should be fun.  Started at Bryn Mawr. . .

2017 Rose’ of Pinot Noir

Gorgeous vibrant pink color and nice viscosity.  Medium bodied


Very aromatic nose, bright red fruit right up front, strawberry and raspberry.


Great acidity.  Bright and crisp, though the fruit flavors are quite prominent.  Very refreshing.


Medium strawberry pink with a dark salmon hue. The nose is bursting with crushed raspberry and strawberry pie. With a hint of cream and talc the bouquet is layered, fresh, and inviting. The palate is soft and round, with ample weight and a taut and dry finish.


To me, this is a nearly perfect representation of a Pinot Noir Rose’.  Fruity and crisp with great body, not thin like so many can be.

A number of the vineyard blocks are named after the children in the family . . . all of whom are now grown.  If I remember correctly, the only one still working the vineyard is David.

2015 Pinot Noir – Jeffrey’s block

Rich garnet color and nice viscosity.  Medium bodied


A bit of dark fruit on the nose, plum and dark cherry


Really nicely balanced.  Excellent complexity, layers of flavor.  Dark fruit as well as hints of chocolate


“Medium garnet in color.  Initially, the nose is dominated by bold primary fruit aromas of dark dried cherry; once swirled the layers of complexity begin to reveal themselves with dark cocoa, coffee, and a rich earthiness layered throughout. The attack is bursting with sweet dark fruit, and the initial mid-palate is smooth and warm. The finish is dynamic, with a more stacked tannin structure that supports and adds persistence and length. ”


Plenty of structure on this Pinot.  I found it elegant and refined.  If it was a bit more in my price range I may have succumbed.  But alas. . .  moving on.


2015 Pinot Noir – Krista’s block

Light garnet color and medium bodied


The fruit tones lean more to the red on this one, more strawberry, cherry, raspberry


The flavors are tighter, more acidic than her big brother.  This seems like a much younger wine.  Definitely not as elegant.


“Garnet red in color. Bold and flashy aromatically,  with an abundance of red cherry, cola, and lifted spice notes. There is a developing element of earthiness that adds richness and complexity. The attack is smooth and seamless,  with a  spice-filled mid-palate. The finish proves to be nicely structured with layered tannins and spice. ”


It my have been the noted “earthiness” that took away from the enjoyment for me.  More of a palate cleanser . .still with good structure.  Just not as satisfying as the previous.


2015 Estate Pinot Noir

Light garnet color, almost purple and medium bodied


Vibrant fruit on the nose


Flavors are really vibrant as well with a great silky solid structure and a bit of spice on the finish.  The finish lingers nicely.


“Apple red with a youthful purple hue. Ripe cherry and dried cranberry are complex with subtle holiday spice notes. The palate is smooth and balanced, with silky seamless tannins on the finish. ”


This, to me, is a great All-Purpose Pinot.  It covers all the bases for me.


2014 Reserve Pinot Noir

Dark garnet color


A bit more robust aromas . . . dark and red fruit


Lighter in texture than the others so far.  Also more spicy than fruit forward.  Silky texture and good structure.


“Medium garnet in color. The nose is intense, with a solid core of sweet raspberry and cherry cola buttressed by cedar and baking spice notes. Secondary aromas drop in from the background and add lift with fresh pine and graphite, whereas others add depth by bringing in cream and bacon fat richness. The palate is structured, with core of sweet cherry and spice. ”


Leans a bit more Old World in my mind.  Wouldn’t be my first choice.


2014 Tempranillo

Gorgeous dark garnet in color


Nose is mild but the dark fruits are there. . just muted.


Excellent balance and a silky texture.  Lots of fruit as well as spice.  Very nicely robust.


“Dark, garnet red in color. Bold notes of black pepper and baking spice meld with blackberry, Maraschino cherry, and violets on the nose. The palate is rustic and structured; a welcoming entry of fresh fruit and roundness, quickly transitions into a wave of fine-knit, sticky, tacky tannins. The finish is drying, with lingering notes of mulling spice and dried blackberry. ”


Great example of what Willamette Valley grown Tempranillo can be.


2017 Pinot Blanc – David’s Block

Leaning a bit straw colored


Beautiful and bright floral as well as citrus aromas


Gorgeous mid palate.  Stone fruit and light citrus flavors.  Excellent viscosity with a superb balance.  Finishes dry with a hint of sweetness.  Very satisfying.


“Brilliant sun-fleck yellow in color. The nose is heady and perfumed and sings with notes of pear, acacia, and honeysuckle. Behind the floral bouquet there are notes of straw and brioche, which add incredible allure and complexity. The palate is round, ample, and sensual with a sweet entry, filling mid-palate, and a lingering finish. ”


Wow.  Really wonderful floral and fruity flavors and aromas.  Had to take one home.


This was a fun stop.  These guys make some great Pinot Noir.  I specifically chose their RED FLIGHT, but they were kind in letting me try the Pinot Blanc as well.  It pays to be nice, take notes and have a conversation with the person pouring.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][dt_fancy_title title=”Photo Gallery” title_align=”left” title_size=”h3″ title_color=”accent”][vc_media_grid element_width=”2″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1540838407062-d1c0fdd5-d197-5″ include=”15164,3151,3138,5,3119″ css=”.vc_custom_1513876882333{margin-top: 30px !important;}”][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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