Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

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We visited a few locations during the Thanksgiving weekend. Our destination this weekend was the Upper Willamette portion of the AVA. More specifically in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA.
It is one of the more elegant of the Pinot Noir wine producers, but as of this moment I had never sampled theirs before. And so it begins. . .


Cristom Vineyards

2016 Viognier – Floral nose with a hint of stone fruit . . .The flavors also followed that same line with a brisk acidity for freshness. The finish was quite acid.

2016 Mt Jefferson Cuvee Pinot Noir – Really nice dark fruit on the nose. . . Excellent texture and tremendous fruit flavors . . .A superb expression of place. Made with 50% whole cluster grapes. The same winemaker and process since 1992.

2014 Estate Pinot Noir – Deep garnet color and very fragrant fruit pie aromas. A soft, elegant mid palate accompanied by red and dark fruit with some baking spice at the finish. A very solid choice.

2016 Louise Vineyard Pinot Noir – Interesting floral and vegetal notes alongside the fruit. There is also some surprising heat at the back of my throat. The mid palate is silky and elegant. Great fruit profile. . .

and last, but certainly not least .

2015 Estate Syrah – Quite surprising that a Northern Willamette vineyard can grow a solid Syrah.
A gorgeous purple color with prominent blueberry fruit aromas. This one has s similar heat on the back of my throat. Blue fruit flavors with a dark, silky fruit backbone. Pretty great.



Our next stop in the are was at Bethel Heights Vineyards.

Bethel Heights Vineyards.

2016 Riesling – Light citrus nose . .no petrol smell (thank goodness), It is very light a crisp and round on the palate with a lightly acid finish.

2015 Justice Vineyard Pinot Noir – made from Pommard, 114 and 115 . . .I got a hint of chocolate on the first sniff along with lovely dark cherry and blackberry. The mid palate is elegant and soft which then leads to some hardy tannins on the finish. . . .in search of a steak.

2016 Estate Pinot Noir – A bit green on the nose . . .and the mid palate is a bit tight. I believe this little gem could use some more lay-down time. Much softer than the Justice Vineyards PN.

2016 Casteel Pinot Noir – 14 months in barrel . . .Very invitingly unique nose . . but an aroma I just couldn’t pin down . . .Very soft, elegant style with a gorgeous fruit forward mid palate . . then a touch of spice on the finish.

2014 Estate Chardonnay – Goegeous bright citrus nose. . .Structure is nicely viscous with excellence texture. Flavors follow closely . . .Lemon/Lime, tangerine, and slightly herbal. Very nice and palate pleasing.


This same weekend in 2018 was a unique event that they chose to call The Speakeasy. Several smaller producers getting together under one roof to share what they produce with a select group of enthusiasts.

The producers in attendance were Matzinger, Project M, Dominio IV, Resonance, and Antiquum.


2017 Sauvignon Blanc – Fresh citrus nose. . .great citrus flavors and nice acidity

2015 Pinot Noir – Pommard, 777, 113. . . Goregous nose. . .smells like berry pie. Very solid structure with vivid dark fruit and an excellent finish.

Project M Wines

2017 Riesling – Very fresh nose with bright acidity. Slightly viscous. Winemaker said it spent quite a bit of time on the lees.

2017 Rose of mostly Pinot Noir – For some weird reason I didn’t make any notes. . . .so either I loved it and was enthralled . . or not. Sorry!

2016 Bednarik Pinot Noir – Complax nose and a nice structure.

2016 Filament Pinot Noir – Slight barnyard aroma . . .herbal and floral . . nice texture and good fruit.

Dominio IV

2016 Viognier – Bright and fresh with flavors of citrus, melon and flan . . with a crisp finish

2013 Spellbound – Syrah and Tempranillo – Dark fruit on the nose . .silky mid palate structure with moderate tannins and a nice soft finish.

2015 Rain on Leaf Pinot Noir – LOVE the nose of Yamhill Carlton Pinot Noir . . .A bit of fruit. . .a bit of floral . . .Super smooth . . .

Resonance Vineyards

2016 Chardonnay – Crisp banana flavor . . .flavors though are light . . .silky and no acid bite

2015 Resonance Pinot Noir – Typical nose. . . nice fruit with a bit of baking spice . .Clean finish.

Antiquum Farm

2017 Juel Pinot Noir – Typical nose . . .soft palate . . nice fruit profile . . Silky with no edge.

2017 Daisy Pinot Gris – Light floral with nice citrus and a smooth finish.

And That finishes 2018

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