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Why We Love This.

So , very recently I’ve also discovered the wonderful world of wine.  Not just your run of the mill California Mega winery stuff like Mondavi or Gallo . . but quality expressions of love that are created by small craft winemakers.  Specifically those in my backyard.  Ok, I have to admit it. . . .Hi my name is Steve and I’m an Oregon Wine Snob.  There it is . . . now it’s out there.

Oregon has come into her own in the past few years as THE place to get great Pinot Noir.  And while I do enjoy a voluptuous Pinot . . .  there is so much more here.  And my hope is to try to spread the gospel of Oregon Wine with as many good folks as possible.

My hope. . .A New Hope . . . see how I wove a great movie into it there. . .sneaky right? . . .is to share my experiences with you of some of the truly wonderful Oregon and SW Washington wines that are created here and influence you to experience them for yourself.

So here goes . . .let the adventure begin!!